Yerself Is Steam

by Mercury Rev

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Signed copies of the infamous first album. “The general feeling recalls in equal parts Spiritualized's "Lazer Guided Melodies" and Pink Floyds's "Dark Side of the Moon". Catchy and poppy melodies float under layers of noise and distortion while an acoustic guitar distractedly provides a basis to the songs; like an anchor that keeps you somewhat linked to reality while your head forwards into the sounds and reaches up to touch the few clouds. Colors rush in front of your eyes and tiny insects may even start covering you, but it won't matter, since the music is so bright and exciting.

Honestly, I don't know who played which guitars, but I'll assume both Jonathan and Grasshopper did equal parts of the work. They manage to create dense soundscapes without ever making the listener feel claustrophobic, and the simple, effect-drenched leads make a perfect companion for David Barker's vocals, like a second voice over the noisy waves. Barker signs clearly, usually using his normal voice, although in some cases he uses a more affected one, like on Blue and Black; oddly, his voice is perfectly hearable through the rest of the instruments. Other instruments like pianos and even flutes are thrown in in a good measure over the 8 songs that make this album”.--SPUTNIK MUSIC

Copies are signed by Jonathan and Grasshopper


released August 2, 2017



Mercury Rev New York, New York

Mercury Rev is an American indie rock group that formed in 1989 in Buffalo, New York. A band committed to experimentation and reinvention, their music has run the gambit from neo-psych and noise rock, lush pastoralism, and 4/4 electronica.

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